Casting Predictions Aside: Most Popular Concur Blog Posts in 2012

We all know what didn’t happen according to the Mayans this year – thank goodness the world is still spinning. But Mayan predictions aside, jetpacks still haven’t taken off. Flying cars are nowhere to be seen. Transporters haven’t shown up. And seeing how those predictions went down, we thought we’d stay clear of predicting the future. Looking back, what interested you in 2012?

Here are the top 10 blog posts from 2012:

  1. Focus on Expense Fraud: Download the Free e-Book – We talked with industry experts and combined top tips to help you and your company protect against expense fraud. Detect it and prevent it with tools and information found inside.
  2. Sky High Wi-Fi with GoGo: Taking Productivity to a New Level – With the integration of GoGo and Concur, things just got a little more productive up in the air: email, chat, work – all from 25,000 feet up. It almost makes up for being stuck in the middle seat.
  3. The Future of the Business Trip – Whether it’s getting a cab or booking a flight, Concur CEO Steve Singh envisions what the future looks like for business travel. Trust us, this kind of prediction will make business travel easier for all.
  4. Quiz: What Your Expense Report Says About You – It’s no Cosmo quiz but you’ll still get some insight into the expense reporting pros amongst you.
  5. Creating a Paperless Office with the Receipt Store – The Receipt Store is probably one of the unsung heroes in expense reporting. If you aren’t using it yet, here’s how to get started.
  6. 6 Mobile Apps to Improve Business Travel – We rounded up six apps that road warriors shouldn’t go without. Do you have a favorite that we missed? Share yours in the comments below.
  7. What Open Booking Means to You – When it comes to managed travel and unmanaged travel, each company has its own booking policies in place. Solving client problems when it comes to these industry trends is at the top of our list.
  8. Taking Your Plus-one on Your Business Trip – Mixing business with pleasure isn’t new. Bringing along your “plus one” on your next business trip might be. Here’s what you need to know.
  9. How e-Receipts Make Your Business Travel Even Better – An e-receipt puts an end to the drudgery of manually inputting your receipts. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? You’ll want to thank our e-receipt partners at the end of every trip.
  10. Make Your Corporate Expense Policy Fit Your Company Culture – If you already have a corporate expense policy in place, or you’re looking for tips on getting started, check out these suggestions.

We’re always interested in providing you with the kinds of information you’re looking for. So as we head into 2013, if there’s something about expense reporting, business travel, compliance and policies, or how to do something with one of our products that you’d like us to cover, let us know in the comments below and we’ll write it up.

Featured image photo by arminho-paper.

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