Can Your Spreadsheet Do This?

Your business is demanding. You likely have a constant flow of opportunities and issues. And, if you’re like most small businesses, you’re connected with your staff and employees almost 24x7 via phone, email, text messages, social media, etc. The day-to-day hustle chisels away at time you try to reserve for strategic planning and finding new customers. All you really want? More time to focus on your business. The last thing you want to worry about? Your employee’s expense reports. With Concur Breeze, your days of worrying about expense reports are over.

Most small businesses file expense reports using simple spreadsheet templates. Why? They likely think it is free, easy, and, quite frankly, they really don’t have any time to put into it. Concur Breeze is to expense reporting what online bill pay is to check books; what Salesforce automation is to rolodexes; what online time keeping is to paper time sheets; what outsourced payroll is to cutting checks every week. Concur Breeze is one more path to efficiency, cost savings and most importantly, freeing up your time to focus on your business.

So, why use Concur Breeze? Well, can your spreadsheet do this…

  • Automatically import credit card purchases from over 1,500 banks in the U.S., so that virtually all of the data in your expense report is created for you with the click of a button.
  • Digitally image receipts so you can eliminate the paper and have a permanent digital archive.
  • Electronically workflow expense reports so that approvals happen quickly, and reminders keep approvers from unintentionally delaying employee reimbursements.
  • Automatically implement a set of intelligent expense policies – which are based on the small business best practices from Concur’s thousands of other mid-market clients.
  • Set expense limits in each expense category and streamline the back office expense receipt verification and audit that makes sure every expense your employee claims is accurate and appropriate.
  • Export all expenses straight to your accounting system without the hassle and errors of manual data entry.
  • Track and report on your expenses by client, project, business division, etc., so that you can see where your money is being spent with our vivid graphical analyses and reports.

Is it time to put your spreadsheet template in the drawer with your rolodex? Try Concur Breeze’s free 30-day trial today and see for yourself what the power of automation can do for your company.

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