Calculating Mileage Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

Manually calculating mileage driven for work got you down? Here's what a day in the life could look like with the help of Concur Drive

It has been a long day driving the back-roads around the state, but it was worth it! I hit my sales quota and drummed up a few new leads. Now, thanks to Concur Drive, I can enjoy my evening.

Only two months ago, I would have been pulling out the mileage logs I had tried to update throughout the day. On busy days, when I wasn’t able to update them, I could spend hours in the evening calculating mileage, making corrections, or filling in missing entries with estimations on how long a drive was.

But thankfully, my new company uses SAP Concur. All day, Concur Drive, which is part of the SAP Concur mobile app, was using the GPS in my phone to automatically and accurately calculate mileage and create logs for me. Concur Drive is more than a mileage calculator. I can easily turn those logs into expense line items with a button-press. Plus, if I miss one, Concur Drive will notify me – so I don’t lose any mileage reimbursements at the end of the month.

Plus, it’s integrated with Concur Expense, so from there I just give my expense report a name, add any other expenses I created throughout the day, then send it on. With Concur Drive, I get my evenings back, am reimbursed faster, and my back-office is happy.

Ready to learn more about making this a reality? Watch the video below to learn more about the benefts of Concur Drive. Then, see how to set up Concur Drive and how to expense car trips.



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