Business Travellers to Find Nirvana at Canadian Airports?

The secret’s out when it comes to business travel… a secret that Canadian business travellers already know.

A few months ago, we reported on a survey that identified some of the most stressful airports in North America. But in looking back over that list, we were struck by an interesting bit of data: Canadians seem to love their airports. Maybe it’s based on familiarity, maybe it’s because of the bounty of amenities found there. One thing is sure though, with Family Day just around the corner, more Canadians will be finding themselves at the airport for both business and pleasure in the upcoming winter months. And business travellers might consider finding themselves up north, too.

Canadian road warriors stick close to home

While some Canadians may consider flying out of US airports to try and take advantage of lower fares, a study by Concur reveals that Canadian business travellers find domestic airports less stressful than their US counterparts.

According to Canadian business travellers, four of Canada’s largest international airports are the most accommodating and hassle-free frequently travelled North American airports:

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) earns the distinction as the most accommodating at 24%
  • Calgary International Airport (YYC) places second at 15%
  • Close behind is Vancouver International Airport (YVR) at 13%
  • Followed by Montréal-Pierre Trudeau International Airport (YUL) at 6%

A sign of the times: Clear signage and Wi-Fi are highly valued

So what makes Canadian airports so much more accommodating, you may ask? According to the Canadians who responded to the survey, the following top five characteristics make all the difference in the world:

  • Clear signage (43%)
  • Good food options (34%)
  • Short lines (34%)
  • Plenty of facilities (i.e., restrooms) (32%)
  • Good Wi-Fi coverage* (31%)

*Relates to Wi-Fi coverage within the airport and not free Wi-Fi

Canadians appreciate the KISS principle (keep it simple…)

Business travellers around the globe appreciate an airport that simplifies the travel experience and provides a little peace in an otherwise hectic place. Airports that provide swift navigation, tasty food and plenty of places to stop and take a break are tops on everyone’s list. And it doesn’t hurt to have shorter lines and strong Wi-Fi coverage as a way of helping travellers maximize their time and work on the fly. So the next time you fly, consider seeing for yourself if a stop or a connection at a Canadian airport is a little bit of Nirvana.

Headed to one of the above Canadian airports? See what all the shouting is about and let us know what you think, too, in the comments below.

This survey was executed by KRC Research on behalf of Concur. KRC conducted a total of 1,500 interviews among employed adults in the US (1,000) and Canada (500). All respondents regularly travel for business and submit expense reports as a part of their travel. All interviews were conducted online between August 13 and 21, 2012.

Featured image courtesy of: abdallahh

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