Business travelers are not all the same: introducing our State of Business Travel 2016 Report

Where are business travelers going? How much are they spending? Who’s spending the most on air, hotel, and dining? At Concur, we are uniquely positioned to answer these questions: Concur Travel is the clear industry leader – with 69% market share in the U.S.* Our database includes more than 40 million users who represent $76 Billion dollars in annual spend.

Our first-of-its-kind comprehensive report - State of Business Travel 2016 - is available today for download, providing insight to your business on how to best design your travel and expense policies and ultimately impact your bottom line. 

Personalizing the data

In the State of Business Travel report, you’ll meet six business traveler personas that will help you understand this massive data in context of these key traveler personas. In presenting travel and spend data through the lens of these personas, we provide key insights into how, when, where, and on what they’re spending. Throughout the report, you’ll glean a wealth of information on how each persona views and executes travel decisions; each with varying needs and expectations, perspectives, experiences, and spending behaviors. 

Savers and spenders

The State of Business Travel report also takes a look at trends such as the rise in popularity of home- and ride-sharing services, the increase in mobile booking, and emerging markets for business travel. Wondering where are the most oft-visited cities globally? We’ve got it covered, in addition to the costs associated with those cities, and a close look at how much money’s being spent on airfare, dining and entertainment, ground transportation, hotels, and more. You might be surprised by some of the facts we uncovered about where money’s being saved – or not! For instance, did you know the most expensive car rental occurred in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a grand total of $31,082?!

Data takes flight

Concur travelers booked 46 million flights last year, logging more than 59 billion air miles. Through the six personas, you’ll find out who’s taking those trips, how expensive the miles were, who books premium seats, and how far in advance those flights are booked, by type of traveler. You’ll learn what’s most important to each persona with regard to their air travel – all the way down to who’s looking for the most leg room on their flights.

We’re excited to share this unparalleled view into the world of business travel with you; come meet our six business travelers and take an in-depth look into the habits of today’s business travelers.

*Source: “Innovation and Opportunity in U.S. Corporate Travel,” Phocuswright, July 2016

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