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Welcome to the Social Era, where smart enhancements in technology have brought business travel from the era of the spreadsheet to the digital receipt. Thanks to the changes in technology, our workplace has transformed too. Travel and expense routines, policy practices and even office dynamics have all been impacted, as you’ll see in our latest e-book, “Business Travel Transformed: How the Social Era has Changed Road Warriors for Good.”

We asked both Concur and industry experts to explain how the Social Era has permanently changed the way we travel for business, and what it means for your day-to-day dealings.

    • Why is Open Booking more than just a new buzzword for road warriors and travel managers alike?
    • Where is the business travel industry headed with the trends swirling around managed and unmanaged travel?
    • How have apps, devices and the cloud transformed the way we travel?
    • And how has the role of travel manager changed to reflect the evolving needs of business travelers?

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Contents: No Standard Is the New Standard

  • Back to the Future? Business Travel Has Come a Long Way
  • What Open Booking Means for You
  • A Traveler Is a Traveler—No Matter How Much They’re Managed

Technology Takes Over

  • Faster! Faster! It’s Official: Technology Speeds up Business Travel
  • Life in the Cloud Transforms Work on the Ground
  • How Mobile Technology is Changing the World of Business Travel

Digital Natives Go Viral

  • Millennial Mandate: How the Next Generation Will Change Business Travel
  • Business Travellers and Travel Managers: The Changing Relationship
  • Top 7 Signs You’re at Work in the Social Era

Page Count: 28

Format: PDF File Size: 2.6 megabytes Click here to download the e-book.

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