Business Travel Tips from a Seasoned Traveler

Business travelers unite! We know you’re on the road and always on the lookout for ways to make the most of your time. We’re on the hunt for the best business travel tips. How can you get through the JFK airport that much quicker? Or stay in shape while you’re on the road? How can you be efficient at your meeting, despite flying overnight to get there? To gather up these tips, we thought we’d look no further than the business travelers here at Concur, some of whom put in over 200,000 miles a year on the road. Always expect the unexpected. Travel never goes as planned, so expect to be thrown off—then you won’t be disappointed. That’s the recommendation of Sandy Parker, Senior Executive Assistant, who has spent over ten years not just booking travel for some of Concur’s top executives but also scheduling and planning her own business and personal travel. In Sandy’s line of work, inside knowledge about business travel is essential to ensure that executive time is productive and efficient while on the road. Sandy’s frequently on the lookout for new ways business travel can run smoothly, ensuring executives make the most of their time.

As a seasoned traveler herself, hitting the road at least once a quarter, she shared the following travel and expense recommendations:

Sandy’s travel tips:

  • Fly into JFK mid-day, mid-week. You’ll be delayed if you try to fly out on a Friday afternoon, because preference is always given to international flights.
  • Never book the last flight out of a city. Try to book the second or third flight out. Then, if your flight is delayed or canceled, there’s still a chance you can hop on a later flight.
  • Connect with co-workers to get their insights and recommendations on how to get around in an unfamiliar city.

Sandy’s expense tips:

  • Make notes on the back of your receipts and then take a picture of both sides of the receipt so you’ll have not only the amount captured but the notes associated to it.
  • Add notes about events in your meeting invite in Outlook about associated expenses. For example, if scheduling a lunch, you’ll have the attendee names all in one place for reference. 

Bonus tip:

  • Roll your clothes before you pack them. When Sandy went to Australia for a week, she managed to survive with just her carry-on suitcase. She not only packed for the weather but also did research on Sydney in advance (she found out Sydney is a walking city so she brought her tennis shoes). She even had space in her carry-on to bring back souvenirs from down under. When she returned, she even impressed the TSA guard with all the space she’d saved by rolling things up.

Business travel certainly has its ups and downs. It can be exhausting and stressful. But for Sandy, it’s been a great way to keep her travel skills honed. In fact, it’s been a way for her to combine her organization skills, know-how and airport savvy to help her get this travel thing down pat. 

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