Preparing for a Big Day at the Business Travel Show

Welcome Concur guest blogger, Mark Law, Director of Business Development in EMEA:

Last year, the talk at the Business Travel Show was all about the recession with companies across the space feeling the heat of the economic crisis. We had the feeling the industry was very much holding its breath and waiting for the next set of negative financial results, or organization to "go under."

Another year on, and whilst we’re not out of the woods yet, this year’s newly christened Business Travel & Meetings Show promises to be a more positive affair. With some countries in Europe starting to whisper the words "green shoots"; there is a general consensus amongst economists that the worst may be over.

What is clear however, after the tough financial conditions endured by businesses across all sectors, is that the days of superfluous business travel and non-core expenses claims are gone. The MPs expense scandal illustrates this nicely. There will be no going backwards.

As 2010 progresses businesses will spend a significant amount of time and effort assessing the financial processes that creaked under the strain of the worst recession since the 1930s. The CFO will retain the spotlight at the boardroom table and a need for greater control and greater visibility of expenditure will continue to be important. This is something we at Concur are very passionate about.

I look forward to continuing the discussion at Concur’s stand at the show. Come over and say hello!

Mark Law, Director of Business Development, EMEA

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