Business Travel Reimagined for the Future

Thanks to the ever-evolving use of technology, as well as advancements in engineering, business travel is too evolving at a rapid rate, making it easier for the road warrior and platinum flyer to find their destination. Not only is technology going to play into how we reimagine business travel in the future, other developments like new modes of transportation will present unbridled possibilities for the future of business travel. As it seems, through new methods of technology and transportation, business travel is going to look much different and offer a largely unique experience moving into the future.

Technology Aiding Business Travel 

From booking a non-stop flight on a smartphone, to carrying around a travel itinerary on an iPad, technology has not only become an integral part of business travel, it has also made it such more convenient. Additionally, corporate travel managers are now aided by technology when it comes to tracking employee expenses, invoices, and other company matters related to travel. It is all possible using the bevy of hardware and software programs available to companies, including Apple products, offerings from Cisco, and many of the other corporations with viable products to make a company's and its employee's travel more fluid and seamless.

New Modes of Business Travel

In terms of truly reimagining business travel, the heart of the vision is evolving by the actual modes of transportation. California is in the process of building the nation's first high-speed light rail system, stretching along the majority of the state’s latitude. In addition, Tesla's fearless leader and constant visionary, Elon Musk, has promised The Hyperloop, an elevated, pressurized form of travel using capsules propelled by linear induction motors and compressors. Musk has described the concept as a "cross between a Concorde and a railgun and an air hockey table." Both The Hyperloop and high-speed rail would make business travel in California much more efficient, turning a trip normally over an hour by airplane, into just over half the time. If all goes well, similar modes of business travel will likely follow throughout the country.

Business travel, like any other aspect of society, is constantly evolving. From the technology used by a corporate travel manager to book a trip for company employees, to the software used to track those employees' expenses on the road, to the actual modes of transportation themselves, business travel is constantly improving — making it easier and more efficient for a businessperson to get to their destination.


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