Business travel gets easier - Concur improves

Business travelers and the people who support them keep telling us what they need, and that helps us make Concur better. We love that! Recently, lots of customers have told us we could improve the way one person arranging travel acts on behalf of other delegates. The changes that resulted are about to arrive to the Concur interface.  

A streamlined interface…

…is coming in soon. On the advice of our users we’ve worked to make it easier for executive assistants, travel managers, and TMCs to act on behalf of the people they support. To let delegates or assistants better accomplish their tasks and figure out what they need to do, we’ve streamlined some of the terms that appear on-screen and the position of actions and buttons. Users can also easily find help to explain each of the features.


Concur streamlined interface  


Clearer and more intuitive

If someone is acting on behalf of a number of travelers, it’s important they know for sure whose account they’re working with, so the changes include a clearer display of whom the delegate is currently assisting. We are also changing the search feature to give more intuitive searching of users, and to notify the delegate or assistant if the search is taking a long time.


Concur UI profile search





Switching back and forth – easily and quickly

Changes are only helpful if they speed people up, not slow them down, so delegates and assistants can quickly switch between their own administrative functions and those of the user they’re assisting. They can easily go between users, or stop assisting, and the screen shows clearly what’s happening.


Concur UI Profile Dropdown Instructions Concur UI profile admin dropdown  


Even more

Beginning in mid-November, users will see a modernized sign-in page. It will have a new look and feel - but keep all the functionality Concur users have come to expect.


Want to make your employees happier? Make business travel and expense management simple and easy for your staff with Concur.  


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