Business travel bags that amaze

There is no way to avoid the hassle of business travel. In order to meet with clients face-to-face or even to visit a world-famous site on vacation, we all put up with the long airport security lines and cramped airplanes. There are a couple of things that can make traveling for business less of a pain, including a well-made and useful traveling bag. Here’s a list of bags that can make business travel easier for you.

Risegear899Keep work clothes organized

Most would agree that one of the pains of business travel is having to pack for a trip and then unpack in the hotel room, only to repack again for the trip home. Rise Gear has created a solution for weekends and medium-length trips – a bag which can be strapped to any hotel closet bar to automatically create a set of collapsible shelves. The bottom compartment makes a great laundry hamper to keep your dirty clothes separate and the top shelf has a zippered pocket that is great to keep an extra pair of shoes! Rise Gear bags are available in three different sizes and colors.


Ladies can power-up in style while traveling for business

We all love our devices, but there never seems to be enough plugs to keep them charged. Inevitably our devices run out of battery. Leoht has developed a high-quality, leather-body, chic handbag which mixes  fashion and technology to perfection. There are four technology features that make Leoht a must-have for a business traveler:

  • Recharge wirelessly: Leoht can be repowered by placing it on the charging plate.
  • Illuminate: interior lights make it possible to find items inside your purse.
  • Hide your valuables: the alcove compartment is perfect for hiding your valuable devices while they charge.
  • Power your devices: Leoht bags come complete with built-in battery and micro-USB port that lasts up to 30 days on standby. The inside of the purse has two USB ports to charge multiple devices simultaneously.




World’s first smart, connected luggage

TripSmartblue2Bluesmart has created the world’s first carry-on smart bag which connects to a mobile app on your phone. This powerful combination offers revolutionary features for business travel. Have you ever arrived at your travel destination only to discover that your bag didn’t make it? The tracking device in Bluesmart luggage allows you to find its location immediately. It doesn’t all come down to managing your luggage; you’ll also love the real-time reports about your trip.

  • Never lose your bag: learn the exact location of your bag.
  • Digital lock: your bag can be locked through the app (accepted by the TSA).
  • Battery charger: power all of your devices six times over.
  • Distance alerts: receive alerts whenever you are separated from your Bluesmart bag.
  • Digital scale: know how much your bag weighs.
  • Trip data: Receive real-time reports with trends and data from your trips including miles, time spent in each country and more.

TripIt has a great list of bags for business travel, and Forbes has a smart article about how business travelers can choose luggage as well. Do you have a favorite business travel bag to add to the list? Please let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below. Ready to see how Concur can help you embrace business travel innovation and see the big picture? Explore Travel and Expense today.

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