The Busiest and Most Magical Expense Day of the Year

Unlike eggnog, holiday parties, tins of cookies, and gifts tied with fancy fabric bows, expense reports don’t garner a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings, especially not this time of the year when, face it, we’d all rather be on a ski slope somewhere, sitting and sipping hot chocolate, or venturing out with the other huddled masses to do a little holiday shopping. But what is great about an expense report is that once it’s submitted, you’re one step closer to getting reimbursed.

Concur probably processes more expense reports than any company on earth, and over the years we’ve noticed a dramatic spike in the amount of expense reports submitted this time of year. Usually there’s steady flow from month to month, which is why this spike was so noticeable and curious. The culprit isn’t what you may think. Holiday parties and client hospitality only account for some of the surge. The actual culprit comes from employees submitting their expenses from the last few months all at once, thereby making December the home of the busiest expense days of the year. This isn’t just a United States phenomenon. It’s worldwide.

A gift for the statistics geeks out there:

It all goes to show that there are a lot of busy people out there, both the employees submitting their expense reports, but even more notably, the finance and accounting departments who are processing them all in the name of making sure their employees are reimbursed at a time when having money in our accounts means a lot.

A gift to employees:

Thanks to your accounting and finance teams, your bank account gets fortified with all the reimbursements you’re owed before the year is out. Like busy elves, they toil on your behalf to make sure you get what’s coming to you – even if it did take you months to finally submit your expenses!

A gift to the accounting and finance teams:

We know it isn’t the same thing as a big slice of Yule log cake, but do know that you’re in our thoughts and we thank you for burning the midnight oil on behalf of employees everywhere. In fact, in your honor, we’ve created a little poster that you can print out and hang anywhere in your office. Go ahead and print out a few – hang one near the water cooler, next to the copy machine, or anywhere employees who depend on your hard work to get reimbursed gather.

One final thought this holiday season:

So be of good cheer, and be sure to thank your finance department for helping to make it the most wonderful time of the year, too.

Print out either the letter-size or A4 poster to let your office know gifts and/or appreciation would be most welcome.

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