10 Tips to Break Away from the Frustration of Spreadsheet Expense Reporting

Spreadsheet Expense ReportingLast week we shared a video that showed the five stages of spreadsheet expense reporting: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. You might have seen yourself or someone you know in one of those stages. We promised you some help that will take you from grief and despair to satisfaction and relief. Here’s just the thing: one of the quickest ways to build morale, get your employees on the expense reporting bandwagon, reduce errors, and save time is with an online expense reporting program.

With no further ado, here are ten features you should look for in an online program that will take the frustration out of doing expense reports with a spreadsheet:

1. Ease of use. Make sure the program you use is easy for both you and your employees to get started with and use on a month-to-month basis. The pain that comes from doing expense reports on a spreadsheet will evaporate for everyone, boosting morale straightaway.

2. Always available. Breaking the spreadsheet habit will be easy for everyone with an online expense report program. Available at all times, whenever your employees are up and at ’em, so is your program.

3. Enter in the data once. Think of reduced risk of errors once the data is input by one person, one time. And think of the time saved on behalf of your employees, managers and approvers. From the employee to the accounting team, you’ll see a lot of time saved and errors reduced.

4. Centralized information. The person who input the information will see the same information that the manager sees, which is the same information that approver sees. Now that’s transparency for you.

5. Automatic category fill-in. Automatically populate frequently used categories so that the majority of your expenses are already filled out for you.

6.  Credit card integration. Make sure the program allows credit card data to feed in directly from the card. Talk about removing a step in the process and saving everyone time.

7. Snap a photo of your receipt. Eliminates the need to track down and store paper receipts. With your smartphone, upload photos as you go (scanning or faxing are other great alternatives). With the receipt safely stored electronically, you’ll never have to keep a paper receipt again.

8. Integration with accounting software. By the time the expense report is submitted to the approver, it’s formatted into a file that can be imported to any accounting system you use.

9. Trust. Make sure that the people you partner with are people that you trust with your company’s sensitive data. You don’t want some fly-by-night outfit having access to your accounts.

10. Quick reimbursements. Your employees will thank you. Granted, we’re a little biased. Still, we think that Concur Breeze is just the ticket to help you gain insights on how your company spends money, insures employees stay within your company’s spending policy, and makes your employees happy. Now that’s the kind of satisfaction and relief we think you’re looking for.

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