Sometimes I dream of what it must be like to be a giant corporation with a huge marketing budget. I mean really, how hard can it be to brand your business when you have millions of dollars at your disposal and the Don Drapers of the world to do your bidding? What you would get are great campaigns like the Geico cavemen, and, during the holiday season, Coca-Cola’s polar bears.

Yes, that would be sweet.

But then I remember what it was I did not like about the corporate world – strange bosses with shifting agendas, restrictive rules and the like – and my daydream is over in a poof.

But that doesn’t negate the fact that creating a brand is still vitally important for all businesses, and in fact, for small businesses especially. Why is that? Because there is so much darn competition out there, that’s why. With 27 million other small businesses in this country, not to mention heaps of foreign competitors in this e-world, you simply have to give people a reason and way to remember you, and buy from you. That is the power and promise of a great small business brand.

What is your brand? All small businesses have one, although most are by default and not design. And that is too bad because in this 24/7 fast-paced global e-conomy, having a great brand can be the difference between success and failure. Being brandastic means that your brand is so unique, so identifiable, that people can’t help but remember it and be intrigued by you.

Example: I know of a guy who bills himself as the “Sedation Dentist.” But, while all other dentist today offer sedation dentistry, this guy is brandtastic about it. He has sedation dentistry ads on radio and TV, in the paper, he even has a sedation dentistry Facebook page – the whole enchilada. And you can bet that when people in his town want sedation dentistry, he is the guy they think of and, more importantly, the guy they call.

That’s what I am talking about.

Being brandastic means that you have a corporate personality that is unique, interesting, and desirable. And it means that you let the public know what that brand is in everything that you do – in your signs, on your website and business cards, with your logo and catchphrase, in your marketing and advertising, and even in how your business looks and how the phone is answered.

The amazing thing is that once your create that unique brand, and get the word out, people will begin to frequent your business, almost as if by magic. Somewhere along the way, they heard of you, and better, remembered you.

So, do you have to be good? No. Do you have to be great? No. You need to be brandastic!

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