Brafton Writes up Amazing Savings with Concur Breeze

As blogs and social media sites continue to gain precedence where traditional news and television used to reign, the need for great content is in high demand. After all, content is king. That’s where Boston-based Brafton comes in. Specializing in content creation, strategy and marketing, the need for Brafton’s services has continued to rise. With that success, they quickly realized the need for an automated travel and expense solution that would meet the demands of their growing company.

“There is so much to track when you grow quickly,” says Brafton’s managing director, Scott Conway. With Concur Breeze, Brafton eliminated manual systems and paper-based processes, improving accuracy and providing visibility into all expenses.

Brafton utilizes Concur Breeze’s automated credit card integration and seamless integration into the company’s QuickBooks financial application, which has accelerated the expense report processing and reimbursement dramatically. “With the Concur Breeze and QuickBooks integration—which was fantastically smooth—we have better visibility into what’s important. We know what we’re spending, when and where,” says Conway.

Concur Breeze has been great on morale, too. Employees at Brafton appreciate Concur Breeze’s ease-of-use and they felt that having Concur Breeze in their workplace demonstrated Brafton’s commitment to using innovative solutions. Conway says, “It shows our employees we’re striving to be cutting edge.”

And with a workforce that is frequently on the road, they were eager to adopt Concur Breeze’s mobile application. “Plus, it gives me the ability to check everything right from my iPhone,” says Conway.

By providing enhanced visibility and capturing significant savings, Concur Breeze has been the solution Brafton was searching for. “Concur’s customer service is excellent,” says Conway. “Whenever we have a question, we get the answer we need right away.” With Concur Breeze, Brafton expects to reach a whole new level of efficiency and knows they’ll continue to be amazed by the savings.

As the content needs for the Web won’t be slowing down any time soon, the need for Brafton’s services is certain to remain strong. As they grow, Concur Breeze will be right there with them all the way.


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