Success Secrets of Our 2013 Concur Star Award Winners – Part I

We always knew our clients were the smartest innovators in the travel and expense business – last week in Las Vegas, you proved it.

At Fusion 2013, we heard stories from companies who revolutionized their travel and expense management with Concur. And we awarded six of those stellar companies with the inaugural Concur Star Innovation Award – an honor recognizing the best of the best practices.

Now we want to share some highlights from their success stories:

Concur Star: Healthcare Solutions

Number of employees: 900

Concur client since: 2007

Healthcare Solutions started out doing expenses the old-fashioned way: with spreadsheets, snail mail and a lot of waiting around for reimbursement. Once they implemented Concur, twice-monthly expense deadlines virtually obliterated reimbursement wait times.

Deeper discounts: “Our business travelers are only allowed to book travel through Concur (if they don’t – they don’t get reimbursed), which will and has given us deeper discounts with travel for hotel, airfare and car rentals. With the introduction of Concur mobile and TripIt, approval before the expense report deadline is a non-issue. And getting notification that someone’s flight has been cancelled or the gate has changed on your iPhone is fantastic!” – Marsha Forrest, Office Manager

Concur Star: CareerBuilder

Number of employees: 2,500

Concur client since: 2005

Once upon a time, CareerBuilder used Excel to manage its travel and expense system. When the company expanded internationally, it found a better global reach with Concur.

Serious ROI: “Our compliance numbers have improved significantly since we implemented travel and expense, resulting in better negotiated rates with our preferred suppliers and over $300k of savings on our $6m airfare program in 2012 (projecting $500k of total travel program savings in 2013). As we drive down pricing for a particular vendor, we will continue to increase volume with the vendor (using Concur features and functionality) so we can repeat this process at the next contract renewal.” – Jeff Cole, Director, Financial Systems

Concur Star: St. Jude Medical, Inc.

Number of employees: 16,000+

Concur client since: 2002

With so many employees, travel and expense management at St. Jude Medical, Inc., was all over the board. Each country or division had its own travel policy, rules and governance – and the stacks of receipts to prove it. Concur brought the company’s efforts together, eliminating paper and promoting visibility.

Mobile madness: “Once we fielded Concur mobile, our adoption rate skyrocketed. Putting the ability to capture receipt images and daily expenses at the time and place the expense occurred made a monumental difference for the traveler. For management and senior executives, the ability to fully review expenses and all associated receipts and approve from a smart phone or tablet was a fabulous step to further simplifying and streamlining the process.” – Douglas A. Baden, Director, Corporate Quality & Compliance Solutions

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