The Best Practice: Lumension Security on Expense Reports

Want to know how your peers manage day-to-day challenges in travel and expense? Concur is sharing the best practice stories of its clients about everything from travel booking to policy enforcement. From the technology industry to the education field – this is how they do it.

Company: Lumension Security, Inc.

Industry: Technology

Overview: Lumension Security develops, integrates and markets security software. The company helps businesses protect vital information and manage risks across networks.

How they do it: Expense Reports

Expense reports


We ask our employees to submit expense reports on a weekly basis, and we reimburse weekly, too. All reports are routed to the employee’s manager for approval, which is then sent to accounting for review. We do a spot check on receipts, approve the reports and process reimbursement through Concur Pay.

After the reimbursement is run, we use the Concur comma-separated values (CSV) file to extract a journal entry, and we process and upload them to Netsuite. Employees typically submit their reports each week, but our international employees submit only twice per month.

Tricks for travelers overseas


We use Concur for our Luxembourg and UK travelers. We have programmed in our travel policy, and also added in categories associated with specific value-added tax (VAT) rules.

For example, Luxembourg has a much more complex VAT set-up than the UK. In Luxembourg, their VAT levels vary depending on what you buy. We use the flexibility of the drop down menus for our travelers to select the appropriate type of expense. They’ll always select the correct corresponding tax percentage because we have programmed Luxembourg’s intricate VAT percentages into Concur.

In the UK, there is only one VAT percentage. We use Concur to code the VAT to the correct GL account in Netsuite. At Lumension, we have developed our own Netsuite reports for VAT, since the standard reports cannot capture the journal entry type associated with the Concur upload that we do.

It took us a while to discover all of the things our businesses travelers needed, but in the end, both Concur and Netsuite were very flexible tools and we were able to make the process work for us.

Top tip: keep it simple


We don’t try to make things too detailed or overly complicated for our travelers. We try to make the system as user-friendly as possible. For instance, we only require receipts on expenses over $25. When issues arise, we remain customer-focused and provide training when a new salesperson joins the company to avoid problems.

If we keep things easy for our employees, we get expense reports submitted accurately and quickly – which is the end-goal of the finance department!

Susan Rossi has been vice president, worldwide controller at Lumension Security for five years.

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