The Best Apps for Business Travel and a Few for Fun

I just got back from dropping off my youngest daughter at summer camp. This annual tradition takes us three days of driving to get there and back.

This is her last summer at camp and much has changed in the eight years since we started doing this. Aside from the fact that when we began she cried when we left and now cries when she has to come back, for me the biggest difference is what I can do while on the long road trip. No longer do I need to even bring my laptop. My trusty iPhone can handle most of the chores I need to do, and then some.

Not only did the trip remind me of this, but so too did the recent news that Concur has now integrated TripIt into its trusty platform. As a road warrior of sorts myself, this was great news. Now I can use the TripIt app to share my travel plans with my family, friends, and colleagues. Very cool.

All of which begs the question: What are your favorite travel apps? Aside from the Concur Breeze and TripIt app, here’s my list of apps I use when traveling for business:

Encamp: Many businesses use Basecamp as a project management and collaboration tool of choice. Encamp is a great mobile tool for that.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook: Being able to check in, update, and connect while on the go is fast and easy.

Dragon Dictation: If you would rather dictate into your phone than hunt and peck on the keyboard, Dragon’s app is for you. The New York Times: While you have to pay for content over a certain amount with this app, it’s worth it. Easy to use and stay up-to-date on current events.

USA Today: You can read news article on or offline—perfect for traveling. This app is just one more way to stay connected on the road. Let’s get honest though, when traveling for business, I try to squeeze in a little fun too. While waiting in the airport or killing time after business meetings, I find myself using these apps:

Words with Friends: Crossword fun for all.

Fandango: Great app for finding movies and times.

Tiny Wings: If I ever get to Island 9 it will be a miracle.

Amazon Kindle: Personally, I am still a devout physical book reader, but tons of people swear by the Kindle (and hey, what kind of author would I be if I didn’t give you a way to buy one of my books while you were on the go?).

I know, I know, there are thousands more great apps out there. The great part about mobile apps is that they are an easy and affordable way to enhance your business and add a little fun to your personal life. This is just a small list of apps I am partial to. What’s on your list?

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