Be True to Yourself: National Small Business Week Highlight on Healthcare Solutions

This post is part of our National Small Business Week celebration series where we spotlight some of the small businesses around the U.S. and share their productivity and efficiency tips.


It is my pleasure to share small business advice from one of our recent 2013 Concur Star Award winners, Healthcare Solutions. When Marsha Forrest, office manager at Healthcare Solutions, is not helping her co-workers meet their deadlines and optimize their travel, she enjoys riding her bike — both on the road and in spin class.



Here are just a few of Marsha’s tricks to achieving great work/life balance:



1. The best business advice I've ever received is to always be true to yourself.



2. My favorite book to read during the summer is When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin.



3. When I'm looking for ways to make my company more efficient, I turn to innovative ways to streamline the existing process and at the same time incur a cost savings with the initiative.



4. I work best when I have multiple tasks and deadlines to complete.



5. I love what I do because it enables me to interact and help a wide variety of employees meet their deadlines within the organization.



6. The greatest invention in the past 20 years that helps small businesses is the fax machine that can send multiple blast faxes.



7. One piece of technology that I could not live without is the computer.



8. I simplify my life by keeping focused on what is important and staying away from any negative energy.



9. If I could have one superpower, it would be to heal.



10. One day I hope to fulfill all my items on my bucket list.



Thanks Marsha for all your great insight! We might have to add When Crickets Cry to our summer reading bucket list.

Learn about all the ways Concur can help your small business be more efficient, so you too can complete your bucket list.  


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