Bartolini on Breeze: Your Free Trial Starts Today

Welcome guest blogger, Andrew Bartolini, Managing Partner of Ardent Partners and Publisher of CPO Rising:

Dateline: May 10th and there is a lot of activity at the Bartolini household. I’ve fully moved into my home office and we’re having some work done outside and so, I’ve offered to go get a few pizzas for the crew. The Acton House of Pizza makes a great pie, but they’re busy today, so I have a few minutes before they are ready. Three things at the top of my to do list today: (1) design new company logo, (2) prepare questions for next week’s panel discussion in Chicago, and (3) register for Concur Breeze.

Yep, you guessed it, I chose #3.

So at 12:28 pm ET, I took less than 45 seconds to key in my personal information on my iPhone and registered for a 30-day Free Trial of Concur Breeze. All I did was pull up my browser on my iPhone, type in and I registered. Here’s what happened next:

12:29 pm ET – New email from “Breeze Specialists” Subject: You’re Almost There (how do they know about the pizzas? – I jest..) with a link to complete my registration. Now I’m in the site and given a chance to either ‘Get started’ or watch a video…. Pizzas up – I head home

12:44 pm ET – Grabbed a slice and started the “Setup” video on my laptop. Section 1: Introduction explained by video, I pause and complete the 3 questions that basically describe what kind of business I have – 17% done, not bad. (Note to self, Concur Breeze integrates to Quicken, something to consider if I move from Excel). Section 2: Expense Types explained by video, I pause and begin to personalize my expense types – pretty easy – add in a few like “Tips” and “Internet” delete a few like “Bus” and I have a list of expenses that looks like a standard ER - 33% done. Section 3: Cost Tracking explained by video, I pause and make 2 selections, I may have to come back to this one if my business gets more complex than I imagine. 50% done. Step 4: Settings explained by video: “Keep the defaults” the commanding voice commands. I obey. 67% done. Step 5: Users to add new users. I’m the only employee and I’ve been pre-loaded – Skip. Done…… Launch!

1:01 pm ET – New email arrives from “Concur Breeze” Subject: Welcome to Concur Breeze. Time check 17 minutes at home plus 2 minutes at the pizza place – 19 total. Fast.

1-2 pm ET – Client call

2:06 pm ET – Click back into Breeze and go to add cards. Let’s start with Amex. Add username and password. Click – Costco and Delta Amex cards now loaded in the Breeze with current balances appearing on homepage (Note to self: Yikes! Must work harder, those amounts are way too high). Repeat with Chase. Click – two cards loaded, but I delete one because I will never use it for the business. Time check: 2:09 pm ET.

My quick take: This was pretty easy and with the free trial, no cost today. The video “wizard” support was helpful allowing me to pause and rewind as needed. In 22 minutes, I am now fully set-up and integrated with a customized account on Concur Breeze. I also had some pizza.

The real test comes next time when I complete my first ER.

Andrew Bartolini is Managing Partner of Ardent Partners and Publisher of CPO Rising.

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