Audit Rules for Concur Drive

For customers who use Concur Drive, SAP Concur now provides an enhanced ability to configure mileage-related audit rules. These new data fields give you greater visibility into - and control over - how mileage is expensed by your employees.

NOTEConcur Drive refers to the feature that is enabled from Concur's mobile app > Mileage > Auto Tracking. To enable Concur Drive, contact Concur Customer Support.  

With these new fields - Allow Maps and Route Source - it is possible to configure custom audit rules for the following situations:

  • Drive Not Used: When a user claims a Personal Car Mileage expense and they have not used Drive, they are prompted to enter a comment.
  • Drive Policy Reminder: When a user has not used Drive, they are reminded by a warning exception message.
  • Mileage Route Required: When a user does not have a mapped route, they are presented with an exception instructing them to add a route. 

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