Ask A Travel Manager: Meals, Per Diem & Multi-Currency Credit Card Issues

This week we received a question in our Concur Client User Group ( from Valerie who asked:

“Our company has a small group (roughly 30) of employees that travel nearly 100% of the time all over the country. We are exploring changes to their T&E policy with special emphasis on meals.

Right now we have a $50/day limit, receipts required for everything. No alcohol can be expensed, and they must have an itemized receipt. We are running into issues with people buying groceries for a multiple days stay for breakfast or something like that, and also with people not being able to obtain an itemized receipt in some of the smaller towns. We try to be flexible, but many of their expenses are billable back to our clients, so we have to contractually stick to the policy. We are wasting a ton of admin hours just auditing expense reports.

I am curious to what everyone else does for their employees who travel 100% of the time. How do you deal with groceries, lost/no available receipts, auditing reports, etc?”

Here’s Chris Soriano, Concur’s Senior Manager, Procurement & Travel, to answer Valerie's question.

We also received a question from Stacy about multi-currency multi-credit card GL feeds:

"We have a USD Amex program & are working to implement EUR & GBP Amex cards. Amex says we need the GL feed, which we have already implemented in Concur; Concur says we need multiple feeds, one for each card type. Problem is Amex says there is only one GL feed... Everything prior to implementing the GL feed in Concur shows a card type of Amex; everything after shows a card type of Euro Amex regardless of the card's currency. How has your company managed implementing Amex cards in other currencies?"

Chris reached out to our implementation department and got this answer:

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