Are You Ready for Business Travel When it Picks Up?

It’s not a matter of if we’ll return to business travel, but when. Returning to business travel is top-of-mind, so it’s understandable that 39% of business travelers feel worried, and 32% feel excited, according to our 2020 Global Business Traveler Report

Many aspects of business travel have changed indefinitely. From ranging vaccination rates, to new entry regulations, and suppliers being able to meet demand, the real question is how will we return to travel and make it easy and safe for employees, while also balancing the uptick in spend?

For those in:

  • Finance business roles, it’s ensuring that updated policies and processes are in place to capture spend so they can forecast spend and keep the company financially healthy.
  • Travel, it’s imperative to have a return-to-travel process in place – not only to make it easier for travelers to get from point A to B, but also to maintain the traveler data effectively to help meet duty of care obligations.
  • HR and IT, it’s important that employees can easily submit or approve travel and work-from-home expenses via mobile and easy to use tools.
  • Procurement and managing suppliers, the availability and safety provisions will be top of mind while also negotiating costs.


How to safely return to travel

We’re here to help you prepare for when your organization starts returning to travel. With SAP Concur solutions, you can work with your travel team to create a more responsive, flexible program that improves compliance, reduces costs, and most importantly, ensures traveler safety. Use our powerful apps, like TripIt Pro, to capture itinerary information, view neighborhood safety scores, and get up-to-date COVID-19 travel guidance, so you can feel safe to hit the road again!

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to book travel while completing expense reports on the go, so that you can focus on the business objectives for your meeting rather than worrying about the travel safety of getting there.

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