Apps Our Partners Built and Concur APIs That Helped

We’re working to improve life on the road for business travelers, and we hear from clients and partners about tools and technologies that could help. See how these partners turned travel pain points into new, cool solutions—and which Concur APIs they used along the way.

Which travel documents do I prepare for which countries?

Solution: Automatic alerts on required travel documentation

Partner: CIBTVisa


Missing travel paperwork can derail an entire international trip. Yet figuring out which Visas or paperwork you need for which countries can be a job unto itself. CIBTvisa integrates with Concur to automatically alert travelers on what they’ll need based on their corporate travel itinerary.   

How can our company manage travel payroll compliance more efficiently?

Solution: Automated collection of travel data and calculation of compliance metrics

Partner: BlackSpark’s borderFile


Complying with travel payroll requirements is a time-consuming must-do for every company. BlackSpark’s borderFile links with Concur and automates the collection of travel data and the calculation of compliance metrics, so your company has clear visibility into international and domestic travel data, reports and calculations.

How can I send receipts from my mobile device?

Solution: Text message receipts directly to Concur

Partner: TravelText


Managing receipts and complying with requirements are time-consuming must-do’s. TravelText enables you to text message receipts right into Concur’s system. Bye-bye receipt pile.

Relevant Concur APIs:

  • Itinerary API—This allows you to create, update or retrieve travel itineraries and bookings.
  • Expense Report API—This allows you to send and request expense data for specified users.Implementing this Web service enables multiple scenarios, such as expense auditing, displaying expense data on a company portal and sending expense data to the Concur Travel system.

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