App of Week: Time Tracker by eBillity

Law Firms, Professional Services organizations and other companies that bill their clients based on employee hours often struggle with the time-consuming task of ensuring that employee time is tracked accurately, that billing is processed correctly and that reimbursement happens in a timely manner. Fortunately, our App of the Week, eBillity, has a solution that not only manages the entire process, but also integrates with Concur to provide you with one view of employee time and expenses.


In addition to tracking time alongside expenses with Concur, the app also integrates with popular small business accounting apps like QuickBooks and Xero. Don’t have an accounting app? No problem- Time Tracker allows you to invoice, create reports and manage online payments within the app, making it an ideal solution for small businesses. Other great features include:  


  • Track time in Concur alongside expenses
  • Standard edition launches from Web, Outlook, Mobile
  • Professional edition launches from within Concur
  • Back-end invoicing for time and expense entries to clients in just 4 clicks (from Time Tracker)
  • Receive payments by credit card
  • Sync time and expenses with QuickBooks or Xero for easy payroll processing

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Mobile, web, and desktop versions make it easy for  employees to track their time as they work, while managers can approve time from anywhere- speeding up payroll and reimbursement time. As an admin, once you approve the submitted time entry, it automatically syncs to QuickBooks or Xero. And even better:no more paper trails to chase!



Time2 If you’re a Concur user and want to integrate Time Tracker, it’s very simple to connect. Time Tracker’s fantastically helpful concierges will actually do all the set-up for you.Here are step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Time Tracker with Concur:



①Complete inquiry form in App Center

②Concur customer signs up for a Time Tracker account

③Customer signs LoA inside of Time Tracker

④Concur confirms the signed LoA and activates Time Tracker. The user receives and email notifying them that they can connect Time Tracker to Concur

⑤Customer syncs their Concur data with Time Tracker



Time manage time entries



Check out eBillity and other great apps in the Concur App Center. TimeTracker1 arrow  


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