App of the Week – Permiso

Global businesses must deploy their talent when and where it is needed. Unfortunately, business travel immigration rules are varied and getting more complex by the day. A business sending one employee to China and another employee to India must follow completely different processes, rules and regulations.


To further complicate matters, political tensions, changes in the world economy and other drivers have motivated countries to take a more protectionist approach to cross-border business.Tax and immigration authorities are electronically connected and officials – from Canada and Brazil to China and France -- are increasingly snaring business travelers in immigration and tax rule violations. Travelers are being rejected at the border and their employers are being penalized.  

Fortunately, there’s an app for that, and it connects right into Concur.  PermisoTM by Pearl Travel Tech is a 2-minute, online tool for pre-trip assessments and employer management of immigration and tax compliance. It is the first assessment tool that considers both immigration and tax compliance issues, and that assesses more than a single trip in isolation. Permiso considers travel history and intended trip activities when conducting assessments.  

Permiso navigates the complex and varied business travel immigration rules for the traveler automatically, thus in the majority of cases removing the need to consult with an immigration or tax expert to complete an initial assessment. As travelers plan their trips, Permiso collects information from Concur and applies the rules of the destination country to the traveler’s planned trip(s) and activities. Permiso identifies whether the traveler will need to obtain a business visa, simply get a confirmation that they have assessed their compliance obligations or in some situations consult experts for possible work permits or tax filings. These pre-trip assessments help keep travelers and their companies in compliance, greatly reducing the risk of fines, project delays, rejection at port of entry and a myriad of other potential compliance problems.



Until now, companies have not had a cost-effective and non-proprietary way to ensure business traveler compliance. Their options have been to  


  • take the risk of non-compliance, possibly resulting in serious repercussions or
  • consult legal/tax firms and other advisors every time they need an answer on immigration and tax compliance – consuming valuable time and money.

Permiso constantly captures updated legal rules and information from the world’s top-rated immigration law firms and a database of international tax treaties.This level of rule codification and analysis breaks new ground letting the legal and tax professionals focus on the areas where they add the most value, saving their clients time and expense.


To learn more, visit Permiso in the Concur App Center


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