App of the week: Motus

The workforce is always evolving, but now more than ever, there is a dramatic transformation in the way people work. Work today is mobile, and the lines between business and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred. As the workforce has evolved, so have the strategies of senior leadership. In an effort to empower and support their employees in the field, leadership has invested in mobile technologies and workforce management solutions such as CRM, T&E and Vehicle Reimbursement, to name a few.These leaders have the best intentions of providing their workers with the tools and technology to make their lives easier and more productive - but all too often, they end up creating a series of disparate systems and access points that make the mobile worker’s life more challenging and confusing.


At Motus, our mission is to make the lives of mobile workers and their managers better. Companies that have mobile employees who drive their personal vehicles for business have multiple reimbursement options – a Cents Per Mile Rate, a Car Allowance, or a Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR). While Cents Per Mile Rates and Car Allowances are simple and easy to administer, they are “one-size-fits-all” approaches that are costly and inequitable. Since these reimbursement approaches fail to account for individualized costs, some employees may be under-reimbursed, while others are over-reimbursed.Failing to accurately reimburse actual costs can expose companies to legal risk.



Motus administers Fixed and Variable Rate vehicle reimbursement plans as a cost-effective and lower-risk alternative to traditional Cents Per Mile and Car Allowance programs. Our vehicle reimbursement solutions fairly and accurately account for the specific fixed and variable costs incurred by each mobile employee.



In addition, our mileage capture products make the administrative tasks of mobile employees less burdensome and time consuming. Whether used to capture mileage, automate commute policy, or to plan and optimize routes, Motus fully-integrates the tasks of your mobile workforce into one, easy-to-use mobile platform.



And now, with the Concur integration, Motus automatically creates and submits monthly vehicle reimbursement expense receipts in Concur. With one integrated system to manage all expenses, your workforce gains valuable time back in their day and your company gains valuable insight into employee expense data.



To learn more about Motus, visit our app listing in the Concur App Center.


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