App of the week: InviteManager

Creating memorable experiences for customers isn’t that simple – from invitation and registration to great times at the experience and post-event data - there’s a lot to think about! Client entertainment has become a multi-billion dollar industry, and smart companies are figuring out how to maximize client entertainment to grow their businesses, strengthen client relationships, and ultimately gain significant ROI.  


Maximizing Client Entertainment

Various roles across the organization have different needs when it comes to managing client entertainment. Sales needs access to events without being slowed down by red tape. Finance needs to know client entertainment is making a positive impact. Marketing needs the data to show they are leveraging all their entertainment assets effectively. Events and hospitality experts need to be able to control all the moving parts of their events. And C-Suite executives need to consider the needs of all stakeholders and grow their business.


InviteManager helps you simplify your client entertainment program and make sure it’s effective for your business. We help thousands of globally-recognized brands grow their business and make taking clients out fun again. To take it a step further, InviteManager makes expensing client entertainment easy with their Concur App Center integration.

Employees find it difficult to accurately describe client entertainment on their expense reports. They often wonder:


  • What was that one person’s name again?
  • Did I get everyone’s job titles right?
  • What’s this one receipt for?


It’s easy to forget these details a couple of days after the event. Those responsible for reviewing and approving expense reports wonder—am I looking at an accurate description, or an exercise in creative writing?


With the InviteManager integration, event date and location, as well as all the names and titles of attendees appear right inside Concur for effortless expensing. Employees don’t need to go back and forth between different systems and managers to get expense reports submitted accurately and on time.


Check out InviteManager in the Concur App Center to learn more about how you can take control of your client entertainment assets and maximize your business growth.


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