And in This Corner…

Watching some great World Cup matches this week got our competitive juices flowing, so we thought we’d enter into a “friendly” local tech competition between Concur Breeze, Gist and Smartsheet—all local Seattle tech companies with apps in the Google Apps Marketplace.

We’re calling it the Seattle tech cage-match, and it’s shaping up to be the best Google-Off this side of the Columbia River. Here’s some background:

In May, two Seattle companies, Smartsheet and Gist, makers of online productivity tools for small businesses, entered into a local start-up “Google-off cage match” with the goal of seeing which company could add users the fastest. Both Smartsheet and Gist services are offered in the recently launched Google Apps Marketplace, just like Concur Breeze. The cage-match started last month with both companies agreeing that the loser would:

  • Buy a round of beers for the winner’s development team
  • Donate $500 to the charity of winner’s choice
  • Provide one year of premium service to the winner’s Greg Huang wrote about the challenge and asked if Concur would also want in on the action. After all, Concur Breeze was also one of the first 50 services to launch in the Google Apps Marketplace. You can count us in!

Despite the fact that we are a couple of weeks behind, we love a good challenge and are ready to step into the ring with Smartsheet and Gist. Good luck to our fellow competitors and stay tuned for updates and results!

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