All Good Things Must Come to an End


When we set out more than a month ago on our “$61,354.03 Expense Tracking, Not Stacking Tour,” we had no idea who we’d meet or what we’d see. We were simply interested in talking to America’s small businesses and showing them how Concur Breeze could help make light work of their travel and expense management – giving them more time to spend on their businesses. We also enjoyed treating folks to office supplies, coffee and even an iPad. With the tour wrapping up in early November in Las Vegas, we wanted to share a few stories from some of the SMBs we met out on the road as well as a few fun facts from the tour.

We spoke with thousands of people working for or running small businesses, hearing their stories and the challenges of running a small business. While everyone had a great story, here are a couple of our favorites…


  • Nadia Geller, interior designer and owner of Nadia Geller Designs, met up with the Breezers in Los Angeles and discussed the issues associated with making purchases on behalf of her clients and the challenges in keeping track of all those pesky receipts. After a demo of Concur Breeze, Nadia exclaimed, “Concur Breeze is an amazing product. Being able to manage receipts in such a quick and easy way is just going to be so helpful!” On their way out the door, the Breezers surprised Nadia by giving her a new iPad.


  • After running into Elisa, a baker at Sinners and Saints in Marina Del Ray, California, and hearing about her life working at a small business, the Breezers picked up her tab for restaurant supplies and then showed her how to keep track of all her expenses from her BlackBerry using Concur Breeze for smartphones.
  • We met Lynn Shourds, the President and CTO of HEROware, in Las Vegas. Immediately following his visit to the Concur Breeze booth, Lynn downloaded the mobile application and entered three expenses. Referring to his current method of expense reporting as “arduous at best,” Lynn called Concur Breeze a fantastic way to do things and has already implemented it throughout his business.

We learned a lot from each individual we met along the way including the common theme that small businesses are constantly on the go, making Concur Breeze’s mobile functionality particularly intriguing and valuable.

In addition to all the great stories we heard, we racked up some pretty impressive travel stats from the road trip as well. Check it out:  

  • Traveled more than 6,400 miles via motorcycle across the East, Central and West legs of the tour


  • Made appearances in 45 cities


  • Talked with more than 26,800 individuals about the benefits of automating expense reporting for SMBs


  • The biggest “tab” totaled $2,155.73 as the Breezers outfitted a handful of small business owners in New York city with new Tumi briefcases.

Want to know exactly how the rest of the $61,354.03 was spent as well as hear from some of the other SMBs we met along the way?
If we missed you on our tour, we’re sorry, but we still want to hear from you! Drop us a quick note and tell us your story!

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