All About Open Booking: Download the Free e-Book

Welcome to Travel 2.0, the upgrade where smart enhancements in technology have changed business travel. In this new world of Travel 2.0, road warriors choose travel options that best suit their needs, sometimes out of policy and often out of the travel manager’s control.

Few companies are immune to inevitability of open booking—according to a BTN Group Travel and Transport survey, more than 60% of companies are either considering the impact of this ongoing challenge, or soon will be.

Our free e-book, “Old Challenge, New Opportunity: How Open Booking is Changing Travel for Good” will guide you through the conversation of flexibility versus control.

Both Concur and industry experts have contributed their insight to our e-book on hot open booking issues, including:

  • How leakage impacts business
  • Millennial traveler trends and open booking
  • Mobile technology and autonomy
  • Embracing open booking as a strategy

Learn what you need to know to get ahead of the game by downloading the Old Challenge, New Opportunity e-book now!

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