Air Canada Partners with Concur

Star Alliance Members to receive all of the benefits of Concur TripLink

This morning in Toronto at our Concur Fusion Exchange event (#CF2014), we announced a partnership with Air Canada to develop and enable corporate travel booking functionality for Concur customers who use TripLink can capture direct Air Canada corporate bookings while still receiving their corporate benefits and meeting their corporate travel reporting requirements through Concur.

Concur TripLink provides visibility and information continuity to travel managers while enabling travelers and companies to book directly with Air Canada. Through TripLink, business travelers can book on, and still receive their corporate fares. The trip data is automatically sent back to Concur, where it can all be found seamlessly in travel and expense reports and in related platforms. Travelers who link their profiles to Air Canada receive great benefits, including:

  • More Choices: Whether travelers choose to book through Concur Travel, a Travel Management Company or directly with Air Canada, Concur TripLink assures that the data will appear in all the right places.
  • Greater Value: Travelers can take advantage of corporate benefits regardless of where they book. Travelers and their companies get better visibility, negotiating power and control.Organizations and their TMCs can use the information to improve their travel programs.
  • Improved Traveler Tracking: By capturing bookings wherever they happen, companies know where their employees are traveling at all times, supporting their duty of care requirements. This also enables their TMCs to support travelers and deliver new services.

Duncan Bureau, Vice President of Global Sales at Air Canada, cited the benefits to their corporate clients as well as business travelers. “Air Canada is very excited about partnering with Concur to ensure our high-value corporate customers always have access to the best, richest Air Canada content, while maintaining the benefits of tracking and reporting of expense through Concur. Air Canada has a long history of being an early adopter of innovative technology to meet and exceed their customers’ high expectations. Integrating Concur technology directly into the Air Canada website is the next step in the evolution of corporate travel as we seek to deliver exceptional benefits to our corporate customers.”


Air Canada joins a growing list of TripLink partners that includes Airbnb, Avis, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Marriott Hotels, Starwood Hotels and United Airlines. TripLink makes it easier for business travelers to stay on track while offering them the convenience and benefit of booking like a leisure traveler. “Corporate travelers want to stay compliant with corporate policies, but at the same time, they crave the convenience of direct booking. With today’s announcement, we are giving our mutual customers a transparent and seamless experience so they can get the most out of their travel budgets,” said Steve Singh, chairman and CEO of Concur. “By enabling direct booking at an enterprise level, we are creating a new and deeper level of customer experience that is centered on direct end-user connections. These are the same types of connections that have transformed other industries.”  


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