AI-Powered Assistants are Taking Business Travel by Storm

It’s not a secret: business travel hasn’t been easy. First, there are all the logistics: heading to the airport on time and finding the right gate; booking the best hotel at the right price; getting to your destinations with ground transportation. Then, during the trip, there are expenses that aren’t so easy to parse. Is this dinner within policy? Can I get the steak? Is a bottle of champagne OK? Finally, you have to submit your expense report after the trip is over – but did you save your receipts?

Forbes: How AI is Rebooting Business Travel

Learn how AI assistants are helping business travelers plan trips and off-loading financial decision makers' busywork.


Imagine if there was another way, where AI-enabled apps handled all of the above and more, like a personal assistant in your pocket. Well, that imagined distant future is sooner than you might think.


Right now, SAP Concur solutions are using AI to make key parts of the travel and expensing experience easy, simple, and safe – and we’re continually inventing new ways to make the experience even better. In this Forbes article, you’ll follow the story of Judy, a fictional VP of procurement at a medium-sized company, as she travels to meet with a client. Not only will you see what innovations SAP Concur has already introduced, but you'll also get a glimpse into the future of how automated assistants make every part of the process efficient and effortless for Judy, including:

  • Developing an itinerary for her trip automatically, including recommending hotels she’ll like in preferred neighborhoods
  • Compliance built into the app, with the option to ask her automated assistant about company policies
  • AI-assisted auditing that can review 100% of Judy’s expenses for issues and speed up her reimbursement


And these are only the beginning. As these innovations continue to advance and become integrated into more SAP Concur solutions, they’ll make corporate travel better for both employees and businesses. To learn more, read the full article in Forbes today.

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