Agency Automation of the Future – 5 Things to Expect

It’s no secret that everyone benefits from automating manual processes: TMCs, travel managers, corporations and travelers. Bottom line: it’s faster, more accurate and cost-effective. But the rise of consumer tools and increased traveler data has created a challenge for TMCs: fragmented data they can’t see, travelers they can't reach and trips they can’t service. The next big thing is always near and will undoubtedly affect our industry the way mobile and social have…so how can TMCs take advantage of great new innovations and prepare for the future? Here are 5 things you can expect from the future of agency automation:

1.   Integration A key driving factor for most technologies to work seamlessly together is integration. Automation technology is no different, and when it talks to other critical technologies, it’s more valuable. Agency automation of the future operates as part of an open platform where technology does just that.

2.   Complete Visibility You can’t do anything with data if you don’t have visibility. With a platform that enables integrations, agency automation of the future will automate business process against all data – no matter where it originates.  Total visibility gives more control to the TMC, more data to the travel manager and corporation, and more services for the traveler.

3.   Scalability The key to successful growth is the ability to scale to meet client needs in step with future innovation. Agency automation of the future lets TMCs scale and adapt to the many unique choices that are right for individual travel programs.

4.   Differentiation In order to stay competitive, agencies need to create and offer unique packages that suit individual needs. Using an open platform automation solution, such as Concur Compleat, gives TMCs the opportunity to differentiate by leveraging connections to other solution providers and technologies.They can integrate their own technology, partner with unique travel innovations, apps and more to offer innovative services that meet client needs.

5.   Efficient Management The future of agency automation equips agencies to manage the evolving landscape of travel apps and traveler habits. The right technology should provide efficient management controls without having to completely reinvent the travel management wheel. Automation, just like other critical technologies, is one piece of the business travel process…are you prepared to handle the ongoing changes in the future of business travel?

That’s the question you should ask.

 See what the Future of Agency Automation can do.

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