Advisor Spotlight: Lohmueller Consulting - NetSuite and Concur Specialist

Rufus Lohmueller, President of Lohmueller Consulting, started out his career as many others in the accounting game do. He earned a degree from the UNC Charlotte and his talent landed him a role at a “Big 8” accounting firm. “I quickly discovered that my inclination was toward a more independent role, and that I had an interest in computerized accounting,” Rufus says. So he started Lohmueller in 1986.

Since then, he’s been involved in thousands of implementations. Lohmueller specializes in optimizing business processes with the use of Internet-based tools for ERP, CRM and ecommerce. The firm helps its clients select the best tools, then implements them, trains personnel and provides ongoing support. “It’s rewarding to have a part in helping businesses achieve success,” Rufus says. Services are delivered with a hands-on approach, in which Lohmueller learns its clients’ business processes, with each “path from point A to point B and sometimes to point Z” providing a unique and interesting learning experience.

Lohmueller joined forces with Concur to offer clients a cloud-based expense management tool that integrates with and complements its NetSuite offerings, which it has been providing for 10 years. Concur helps eliminate the problem of fragmented record-keeping. And it increases accuracy and reduces redundancy. “Many of our clients have hundreds of employees with travel-related business requirements – multiple locations, global presence and mixed reimbursable expenses – that are complex,” says Rufus. The mobile component also is ideal for easily capturing receipts and other travel charges on the road.

Lohmueller’s clients appreciate the benefits of Concur. Executives value the increased compliance with company policies, as well as the ability to see where T&E money is being spent. Employees like the tool’s convenience. Expense reports are more complete and are turned in more quickly.

Rufus sees his work as “dynamic and validating,” but he also relishes his downtime. He enjoys being part of historic restoration and preservation, as well as skiing and hiking in the American West. He loves good food, which may be why Michael Tucker’s Living in a Foreign Language is one of his reading selections now, “mainly for the Italian food descriptions!” Also on his bookshelf is Outwitting the Devil, published 40 years after author Napoleon Hill’s death. The book explores how some human faults can prevent people from reaching goals. “The focus is on core principles that are integral to personal and professional success,” Rufus says. “It’s an inspiring and thought-provoking read.”

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