Advisor Spotlight: Armand Kadima

The dismal economy has hit some financial professionals hard. Actually, people in all industries are feeling the squeeze. How they react could make or break their businesses and careers.

Armand Kadima, who has a tax and accounting practice, could have hunkered down to weather the storm. Instead, he chose to be proactive. He is facing a tough challenge head-on this year: “to differentiate myself from other accountants through marketing and service offerings in this tumultuous economy.”

Armand has performed taxation and financial accounting for a wide variety of businesses, from Fortune 100 companies to “mom and pops.” He enjoys the complexity of preparing financial statements, which provide a valuable method to check the financial health of a business.

His passion about his work led him to join the Concur Advisor Program. Now, Armand wants to spread the news about Concur, which makes expense reporting “a breeze, from a nightmare I dreaded month after month.” He says Concur gives his practice a competitive edge. “From the ability to manage expense reports from your mobile device to the export of the data to be imported into financial software,” Armand says he welcomes all the benefits Concur offers. He describes Concur as an amazing tool that saves his clients a tremendous amount of time. And they can use that “found” time to intensify their efforts to generate revenue and build their businesses. Armand says the greatest benefit for his clients has been the ability to capture receipts with cameras on mobile devices, store the receipts and easily assign them into appropriate expense categories. All this is generated into importable files.

Despite his seriousness about his work, Armand does enjoy his down-time, too. He enjoys sports, and he gives back to the community by mentoring adolescent males in the Atlanta area. Armand stays grounded by reading “random books of the Bible.”

Concur is attractive to Armand because of its technological features. So as cloud-based tools emerge in financial software and remote desktops, his practice is using them and recommending them to clients. Together with Concur, these tools streamline the arduous task of financial reporting. And they help Armand meet another major challenge: implementing cost-effective and time-saving financial tools that will be useful to him and his clients.

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