ACTE Executive Forum in Johannesburg

As someone who has been lucky enough to work on several continents throughout my career with Concur, I am passionate about taking the integrated travel and expense message out to audiences across the globe. For that reason, I was excited to present at the ACTE's Executive Forum in Johannesburg on last Thursday 18th November. The whole session was an opportunity for attendees from organizations of all sizes to learn about streamlining processes, managing expenses and tracking travelers.

In my session - the last of the day - I focused firstly on showcasing the possibilities of integrated travel and expense solutions before emphasizing how easily these solutions can be implemented within a business. Owing to their plug and play, modular nature, these solutions are flexible and scalable, and can start small before growing and developing into something more extensive over time. This seemed welcome news to a large percentage of the audience that had not yet taken the step of implementing a card program, online booking tool or expense solution.

Whilst Concur’s solution is designed to solve a universal problem, it is understanding challenges unique to a specific market or business that helps it to constantly evolve and improve. After the session, I stayed behind to chat with a few of the audience, and talked in detail about South African low cost carriers and card integration, two things that are very important to professionals in the region. I am happy to say Concur’s integrated travel and expense management solution supports both those needs, and many, many more.

My final thought is that I was struck, above all, by the huge business appetite for integrated travel and expense management in South Africa. The market conditions in the region are certainly ripe, and, encouragingly, many of the people I spoke with see implementing a program as one of their most important projects of the coming year. We’re very excited about being a part of that.

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