A Travel and Expense Solution Built with Small Businesses in Mind

When you're running a business, visibility into employee travel expenses is a key part of spend management. In fact, a survey by Forrester Consulting found that managing expenses was the single most challenging responsibility cited by SMB financial decision-makers. But, not all small businesses are ready for a fully-managed expense and travel solution.

Enter Concur Hipmunk™. 

Concur Hipmunk takes the work out of business travel, with an integrated solution that combines an easier way to book travel, exclusive discounts for smaller businesses, and visibility into travel spend – all while giving employees the edge they need to be happier and more productive. And, it serves as an incubator to prepare them for the future, when they’ll be ready for a managed travel program with one of our TMC partners and Concur Travel.

Watch the video below to learn more about what Concur Hipmunk can do for your small business.

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