A shout-out to the Seattle tech scene

Puget Sound is a wonderful place to live and work. Fresh seafood, amazing summers, vibrant wildlife and some of the best hiking and camping in the world make this a place like no other. We wouldn’t want to be headquartered anywhere else.


And we’re not alone. The Seattle tech industry is growing like crazy, boasting the largest increase in high-tech density over a 20-year period. Greg Gottesman, managing director at Madrona Venture Group, sums up the reasons why: “Seattle is really well positioned because we have an incredible abundance of technical talent. We are the e-commerce capital of the United States.”


The best coffee on the West Coast fuels us – and our neighbors – as we strive to make technology smarter, faster, and more useful for our customers. And speaking of neighbors, let’s take a look at a few of the companies that help build the industry we’re proud to be members of.  



  • PicMonkey is all about the visuals. Their online photo-editing app gives everyone access to savvy tools that transform ordinary photos into something special. In fact, we’re huge PicMonkey fans on the Concur Social Media team ourselves, using it to create everything from blog content to social graphics. When user-friendly design meets sophisticated editing technology, everyone wins.


  • Inrix wants to improve your daily commute. Their mission is to provide traffic info, expert directions and driver services combined with applications and tools to worldwide customers. Just this week they announced an innovative traffic monitoring and reporting service serving Europe and North America. As any Seattleite will tell you, efforts to alleviate traffic congestion are bound to attract attention in the Puget Sound.


  • Zillow is shaking up the world of real estate. From buyers to sellers, Zillow offers advice, information, industry connections, and the famous “Zestimate”. On the social media side, Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff keeps his personal Twitter feed pretty real, offering everything from investing opinions to traffic commentary and updates on his family camping trips.


  • Trover wants to offer you "the best of everywhere" by creating opportunities for travelers to connect through shared photography and travel experiences. Find everything from local restaurants, famous landmarks to activities in destination locations. Wherever you are in the world Trover will show you a beautiful and useful perspective of travel.


  • Yapta helps you find the best deals in airfare pricing. Located in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood, Yapta has developed price tracking technology for consumers and tools like FareIQ for corporate travel managers. Just blocks from Safeco and CenturyLink Fields, maybe Yapta can help you find a great rate to join us for a match or a game

Character, innovation, growth, and disruptive problem solving are at the core of Puget Sound culture going back to the 1800’s and that’s no different in today’s tech economy. We’re glad to be in good company, and it’s getting better every day. Seeing the exciting projects our neighbors are tackling inspires us to make the #PerfectTrip, the perfect expense report, and the perfect invoice a reality. And hey – it doesn’t hurt to have easy access to Pike Place Market, either.


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