A Second Look: Concur Travel and Expense Enhancements

The bustle of business coupled with information overload makes it easy to miss functionality and features that can make your travel and expense processes easier. So just in case you missed them, here's a recap of some of the product enhancements we've released over the past 12 months:

Travel and Expense

  • Travel: We added additional content for international travel, one-time “virtual cards” as a form of payment, a new itinerary display, and increased speed of results display.
  • Expense: Insight to budgets is now available during both pre-trip and expense approval processes, optimizing the ability to stay within financial targets. Support for company paid cards is improved, with improved support for individually held P-Cards and a central reconciliation module to manage company Lodge Cards.
    • And Concur Mobile is improved with an updated interface and more functionality to allow all travelers to fully complete their expense report in iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, even when company requirements are complex.

Invoice and Audit

  • Invoice: WithPO Matching, vendor invoices are automatically compared to associated POs at the line item level, enhancing the speed and ease of invoice approval processes as well as helping enforce supplier contracts and spending policies.
  • Audit: We have transformed our audit services to increase quality and shorten turnaround times. Whether you're looking for a receipt substantiation that verifies that receipt amounts and VAT information match the expense, or a full policy audit that enforces best practice or customer-specific audit rules, we can help ensure the rules you configure in the system are actually enforced.

Pay and Financial Integration

  • Pay: We've added reimbursement support for more than 20 additional cards and expanded Expense Pay coverage to several new geographies, including Hong Kong, Mexico and New Zealand. For Invoice Pay, we have added support for paying vendors in Canada, the UK and the Euro-zone.
  • Financial Integration: Using our "connectors" you can connect Concur in real-time, integrating with all of your important internal platforms (such as your ERP system) whether they are cloud-based or in-house. Expenses are mapped directly to your company's general ledger account code ensuring proper categorization. In the past year, we have added connectors for Netsuite and Quickbooks, and also created the ability to obtain custom connections to any customer system using our web services platform.


It's been a busy year for the TripIt team. With TripIt you can now:

  • Share trips on LinkedIn, making it even easier to coordinate plans or get suggestions from your business connections
  • Enjoy the TripIt app for iPad's new look, making it easier for travelers to see upcoming trips in one place
  • Receive push notifications for alerts and reminders on your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device to learn if everything is running smoothly or if there's a delay or change (available for TripIt Pro members)
  • Obtain personalized offers to help save money on restaurants, bars, spas, etc., located near your hotel or other plans in your itinerary

It's Not a Matter of "Either/Or"

Fortunately for our customers, we don't have to choose between building new products or driving enhancement and product functionality into existing products. We do both. To find out what's coming in the next 12 months, see Part 2 "A Look Ahead" to learn more about some of the planned enhancements and product functionality.

See something that you want to learn more about? Contact your Concur account or sales representative.  

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