A New SAP Concur Partner Program Helps TMCs Define and Deliver More Value to Customers

We’ll admit it: We couldn’t do this alone. Travel and expense can be incredibly complex, but our TMC partners have always been with us — helping bring organization, clarity, and control to corporate travel for more than two decades. And as we’ve evolved together, our partnerships have grown more valuable than ever. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for TMCs to demonstrate and differentiate what they bring to the customer’s table.

The revamped SAP Concur Partner Program for TMCs is an expanded answer to the customer question “Which TMCs are going to maximize my company’s SAP Concur investment?” It’s an intelligent evolution of our Preferred Partner Program, offering clear guidelines for our collaboration and outlining every expectation between us. Essentially, it outlines:

  1. The commitment TMCs make to SAP Concur,
  2. The commitment we make to supporting them, and
  3. A simple way for customers to find the TMC who matches their needs and goals.

It’s a multi-level system, but it is not a pay-to-play program. A TMC can’t write a bigger check and become an Elite Partner; they earn it by what they offer customers.

We work together. That’s how it works.

The SAP Concur Partner Program for TMCs is made up of three engagement models, each of which offers a different level of alignment between our teams and a different level of benefits to our customers.

TMC Partner

The first level includes partners who are licensed to sell Concur Travel and integrate ticket fulfillment within their suite of services. This ensures an exceptional experience for customers who want a fully connected online booking and TMC travel program.

TMC Select

Partners in this level have adopted not only Concur Travel, but also have committed to using Concur Compleat, which provides additional automation that can boost program efficiency and effectiveness. TMC Select Partner staff must also go through our TMC Certification, which trains them to provide expert implementation and support services and deliver a fully integrated travel program. It’s how we ensure our customers receive the best quality and experience.

TMC Elite

Partners in this top level have embraced the full suite of SAP Concur travel solutions (including TripLink) and are using Concur Expense in their own business. This provides customers a seamless integration with the entire ecosystem of SAP Concur travel solutions, plus hands-on knowledge. TMC Elite-level partners are uniquely capable of capturing spend and supporting travelers — no matter how or where those trips were booked. As a result, they can deliver increased visibility and control of all T&E spend, compliance across all reservations, and, most importantly, improved traveler safety and an enhanced travel experience. 

Better for the customer means better for everyone

SAP Concur restructured the program into these three levels to make it easier for customers to know — at first glance — the level of integration they’re going to get from a particular TMC. Because the closer we collaborate on our solutions and the more engrained our partnerships become, the better our customers’ experience will be.

We wouldn’t go anywhere without you

As business travel offers more choices for the traveler, managing those trips becomes more difficult for business. It’s a complex industry built on a global scale, and for any of us to be successful on any level, it requires collaboration and integration.

We need to work together for this to work, but we’ve been working well together for decades — supporting each other’s success. We’re excited to strengthen that relationship and see how far we can take our customers.

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