7 time management hacks

As a small business professional, you know that your time – as well as your employees’ time – is your greatest asset.With only so many hours in the day, and a seemingly infinite number of tasks demanding your time and energy, how do you make sure you’re not only prioritizing, but prioritizing the right things to move your business forward and get the most for your minutes every day?


It’s easy to get sucked into reactive mode and focus on immediate demands, like responding to email, or believing that multi-tasking is the answer to a time crunch. The truth is, both practices massively decrease productivity.


Consider these statistics and what they mean for your business results:

  • The average worker is interrupted 56 times each day, and spends a full 2 hours recovering from distractions while working.
  • The average worker checks email 36 times per hour and spends 16 minutes refocusing after handling incoming email.
  • Sales reps spend only 37% of their time selling and as much as 25% in meetings, administration and travel.
  • Less than 60% of work time is actually spent doing things that are considered productive.


So what is the solution?

The key to mastering time management starts by being absolutely clear about what you want to accomplish.

  1. Practice getting clear.The more granular your vision, the easier it is to direct your focus and take clear steps toward accomplishing your goals. Clarity provides you with both the foundation and launching pad for success in your business.Practice describing in detail what you want and you’ll be more likely to get it.
  2. Avoid generalities. Hold yourself accountable with a direct goal . If the question of what you want for your business begets answers like “to drive sales growth” or “to reduce our operating costs” or “to improve employee productivity,” you need to go deeper and get more specific. A more specific (and therefore more attainable goal) would be to say, “to increase new leads by 8% and customer retention by 22% in quarter 3.”
  3. Focus on the top 5-10 things you really want for your business. The brain processes meaning before detail. Concentrate your focus on things you have a strong desire to achieve. Having a strong sense of purpose will fuel your action to follow through.
  4. Take one step at a time. Break your objectives down into achievable step-by-step milestones. Start with your ultimate goal and work backwards to help you plan out what you need to do to get from where you are to where you want to be. Small achievements that build on each other create tremendous momentum and synergy.


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Pam Hendrickson has been producing, launching and marketing highly profitable products for many of the top names in the personal and professional development industry for almost 25 years.A former Vice President of Content & Production for the Anthony Robbins Company, Pam is the best-selling author of “Make, Market, Launch IT: The Ultimate Product Creation System for Turning Your Ideas into Income.” Today she is a business owner, wife and mother of two amazing boys. For more information, visit: PamHendrickson.com  


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