7 Signs You’re a Concur Customer

Through thousands of conversations with our valued customers, we’ve come to recognize some common themes of Concur users. Perhaps you identify with a few of these signs.

You Utilize the Power of the Cloud

Concur has built an ecosystem that connects spend management solutions delivered via the cloud. These APIs include itinerary, expense, travel, transportation, among other services. Delivered through our platform, applications such as the TripIt app, can integrate quickly to add functionality.

By implementing a cloud solution like Concur, your company is ahead of the game. In fact, fifty-two percent of organizations haven’t done so yet, but are planning to deploy a cloud-based T&E solution within the next two years.

Your Superpower Includes X-ray Visibility Into Spend


Company accountants love the ability to slice and dice T&E expense data any way any executive wants it. You relish analyzing data to find insights in your travel and expense process. It’s not because you like being the bad guy, it’s because you love data – and a challenge.

Company accountants have the difficult job trying to manage numerous accounts, expenses and the employees connected to them.In fact, many AP personnel cite that a lack of real-time data as an issue impacting spend management. Fifty-nine percent of companies still report that spreadsheets are their primary T&E resource. This outdated system doesn’t help people adhere to expense guidelines or serve as a proactive tool for maintaining accurate financial data. By using a real-time, end-to-end spend management system, your company can respond to information in real-time.  

Your nickname is KISS (Keep It Simple, Silly)

You dream big and you are all about winning, but you know “big” doesn’t have to mean “complicated.” Simple means teaming up with the right people who know how to get tasks done effortlessly. You are excited that Concur is part of SAP, because it is now the largest business network in the world, enabling a greater value to your organization.


You Submit Your Expenses – Nearly Anywhere

working remotely


You love the ability to submit expenses on the go through ExpenseIt. Receipts images are instantly turned into expense line items. You simply take a photo of a receipt, review it, (edit if needed) and then immediately add it to your expense report. No more lost receipts. No more unreimbursed expenses. Capture receipts on the go and automatically pre-populate your expense line items—without typing, hassle, or headaches. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it used to cost an average of $30 to complete an expense report and now it only costs $12.

Most likely you have submitted your finances in the back of a taxi, on a plane and in other non-conventional places.



Your Office is a Happy Workplace – Partially Due To an Easy Expense Report Process


It is no secret that completing expense reports are a pain to complete. Prior to Concur – you hated the precious time away from your job and how complicated they could be to complete. You remember the huge pile of receipts on your desk which was a reminder that at some point you would need to spend around 3 hours to complete your expenses.

Here are a few of our favorite tweets from this summer around the pain of expenses: Other Tweet








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But now things are different. You actually enjoy completing your expenses: Tweet 2








You Rack Up Rewards

You are a savvy traveler and spender. And you love racking up rewards. You love that you can book directly with Concur’s partners to earn their rewards. Triplink customers can book a flight on United Airlines, take advantage of their flight sale and earn miles – all in one booking. Because United is a Concur partner, we’ve done a lot of the work for you.

With Concur’s ever-growing ecosystem of partners, booking company travel with Concur often earns employees the best negotiated rates that are also compliant with company’s policies. Sometimes your employees think they can get the best deal, but often, they’d be surprised to discover they are missing out on some key benefits.


You Network at Concur Fusion

Every year, to bolster your expense management repertoire, you look forward to Concur’s Annual Fusion Client Event, Fusion and the Fusion Exchange events. Fusion is a 4-day event that includes hands-on product training, industry networking, insightful keynotes, demos, and personalized consulting sessions. Last year, we had a record 2,365 attendees, 86 unique content sessions and 59 client speakers. You love the opportunity to connect with other Concur users, listen to testimonials and receive individual training to fuel innovation. Early bird pricing ends on January 23rd!

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