7 Reasons Why Information Mobility is Crucial for Your Business

The sky is the limit when it comes to information mobility. Whether riding in a bus, lounging at the beach, waiting at a coffee shop, or cruising at 36,000 feet, employees can work anywhere they have an internet connection.

Since work is no longer limited to an office, desk, or computer, there has been a huge paradigm shift in modern business toward a mobile workforce. Businesses need to be setup to accommodate this workstyle evolution. Here are seven reasons why a mobility strategy is crucial for your business.


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1. The Number of Mobile Workers is Increasing Daily

According to industry analyst firm IDC, by 2020, mobile workers will account for nearly three-quarters, or 72.3% of the U.S. workforce. To be effective, mobile workers must be able to perform in the same way they would in the office, with full access to desktops, applications and files.

To attract and retain valuable workers with advanced skillsets, a flexible mobile or remote working environment is often necessary. Today’s workers want the flexibility to work remotely, especially the millennial and Gen X workforce


2. Security is Essential

In order to accommodate new workstyles, businesses need to provide greater access and more timely connections to information that used to only be available in the office. Today’s workers access company information on their phones, tablets, and other devices. But, because of this, enabling mobile access with the wrong systems in place can make your company’s sensitive data vulnerable. Employees need to be educated on company best practices that maximize security, and businesses need to be setup with cloud-based data security systems that help to naturally integrate mobility into the workplace.

Basically, a business needs to have mobile device management under control to keep company data and apps secure. A well-defined information mobility strategy can empower workers and give them more workstyle freedom, while also helping to eliminate the risk of a security breach.


3. Your Business Needs Flexible, Scalable Growth

Streamlined office solutions that accommodate mobility can scale quickly, allowing a business with remote workers to grow exponentially. Companies that are set up with mobile solutions and offer remote workstyles, can dramatically expand their potential new hire candidate pool and recruit the best employee for the job, regardless of location.

When costly relocations are not necessary, businesses can easily grow with virtual workers who do not need bigger, or more expensive office space. Integrated office solutions can also be customized to accommodate an office’s unique needs, and these services can be easily scaled to match changing market conditions. 


4. Efficiency and Employee Productivity Will Increase

Since managed mobility and collaboration tools are cloud-based, employees can perform office tasks anywhere, at any time. With mobile solutions, a business can run 24/7 in multiple time zones as employees have the tools and access they need from remote locations.

Manual processes add up to wasted hours, dollars and days. Streamlined, mobile solutions cut out the extra steps in expense management, approvals and business processes. In fact, research by Ardent Partners found that businesses can reduce their invoice processing costs up to 70% through time- and resource-saving automation.


5. You'll Achieve Cost Savings

Getting work done more quickly with automated and mobile solutions drives down labor costs. After all, reduced overhead is an obvious cost-saving advantage of implementing a mobile, cloud-based integrated process.

In addition, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on purchasing on-site equipment as implementation is customized to accommodate business needs, and everything is in the cloud. Remote businesses can also improve their bottom-line by reducing expenses for utilities, furniture, and office supplies. Not to mention, well-designed mobility solutions incorporate video and web meeting applications, which helps businesses save on in-person meetings and travel expenses.


6. Streamlined Mobile Solutions Free-Up IT

When integrated business solutions are working properly, IT can focus on what matters most for your business, instead of focusing on technical glitches. It’s all about resources, so freeing-up IT enables time for more innovation and strategic business projects.


7. Employees Will Enjoy a Better Work-Life Balance

The reason information mobility is so crucial for businesses today is because today’s workforce has more technological options to access their work from anywhere, and, in-turn, desire to have the option to work remotely for better work-life balance.

Whether in a home office, neighborhood café, or airport, employees need the flexibility mobility offers. Mobility should offer an experience as productive as being in the office, and an unexpected meeting shouldn’t have to end a long-planned vacation. Plus, employees need to be able to work from home if they have to care for a sick child or need to meet a repairman. Having the ability to jump online anywhere there is an internet connection to finish work that is on-deadline also helps reduce employee stress.


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