6 Mobile Apps That Improve Business Travel

Will your favorite carry-on fit in the overhead compartment? Tech savvy business travelers rarely ask that question. They know that the best carry-on fits neatly inside a pocket, doesn’t have to get stashed away in the overhead bin and is chockfull of apps designed for productivity and efficiency: a smartphone. Mobile-equipped road warriors – no matter what their level of experience – are a force to be reckoned with. Below are six of the best mobile apps for business travelers.


A bad airplane seat can be the early demise of even the best business trip. Don’t let it be. With Seatguru’s mobile app you can review what seats are missing windows, legroom or the ability to recline, so you can pick the best seat possible. Comfort’s not your only priority? This app allows you to scout out seats with AC power adapters so that you can work during the flight. Free: available for iPhone, Android


Ever find yourself at the airport searching through a pile of emails for the right confirmation code? Ever wake up panicked the night before wondering when exactly your flight is? TripIt takes the guess-work out of business travel. Simply download the free app, and forward your confirmation emails, regardless of service provider, to plans@tripit.com. In return, you receive a consolidated, easy-to-access, easy-to-navigate itinerary that you can print, sync to your calendar and share with others. Free: available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7

Taxi Magic

Taxi Magic eliminates the hassle of calling a dispatcher and turns the business traveler into the head of mission control. Book a ride directly from your phone, track and time your cab as it approaches and do your travel manager a favor: securely pay by credit card through the app and receive an e-receipt for easy expense management. Free: available for iPhone, Android


Public transportation is rarely the preferred option of business travelers; however, in major business travel destinations such as New York, London and Tokyo the subway is a necessity. AllSubway covers six continents with over 151 maps, all conveniently located on your phone with zoom and scroll capabilities. Maps are available offline as well, so even if your metro is not connected, you can be. $.99: available for iPhone, Android


Evernote is the perfect companion for business travelers who don’t want travel to reflect negatively on the quality of their work. It drives productivity by allowing you to take notes, pictures and even voice recordings from your mobile phone that you can then store, access and keyword search on any device you own. Because it syncs everything up, you can essentially bring your office on the road. Free: available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 7


Mobile devices are small, easy to use, and unfortunately, easy to lose. In addition to protecting your phone from security threats while you have it, Lookout allows you to track your phone, sound an alarm and even lock or wipe a device clean should you lose it. The cost of leaked information and fraud is great; for those with personal devices containing confidential corporate information, having Lookout on your phone is invaluable. Free: available for iPhone, Android

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