5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Website

So I spent the weekend cleaning out the garage and pulling weeds, how about you? I know that my brother got his car serviced, and my wife cleaned out a closet (part of her nefarious plan to get me to do the weeding, no doubt!).

Yes indeed, spring cleaning is in the air.

And if you notice, it is not just individuals engaging in spring cleaning, businesses are doing it too. Starbucks not only re-branded its ubiquitous logo, it even took the word “coffee” off of its name.  Similarly, Nike has apparently been helping Arizona State University over the past year prepare to re-brand itself, logo, and colors.

For those of us in businesses a little smaller than Nike and Starbucks however, spring cleaning will look a little different than multi-million dollar re-branding campaigns. While you certainly don’t need your pal Steve to tell you to paint that ugly wall and clean out the storage room, one piece of advice I can give is something that can help almost any small business:

Spring clean your website.

This is one of the easiest, quickest, and most affordable ways to spruce up your image and get more business. I mean, come-on, what do people think when they go to your site and see a “© 2009” at the bottom, or “404 page not found” errors? If your website is sloppy, they may conclude that your work is sloppy too.

Here are five simple fixes to spring clean your website:

1. Get rid of typoos: Did you notice the typo in that sentence? Of course you did. Typos are not hard to spot, but they sure are a distraction. Spot yours and scrub them from your site. And while we are at it, the aforementioned 404 errors gotta go.

2. Add some fresh content/get rid of stale content: Old content that is no longer relevant just looks bad. And adding new content for a new promotion or event not only looks good to potential customers but search engine spiders like it too. You will be ranked higher.

3. Add social media buttons and content: Adding your Twitter feed to your site is easy, as is adding click-through buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

4. Update your photos and video: Maybe it’s time for a new headshot, or new corporate videos. Let your creativity help provide an updated look to your site. 5. Add a “what’s new” page: Site visitors tend to click these sorts of pages and they have the added benefit of forcing you to keep the page and site, fresh.

Like my nemesis the weeds, if you pull the dead wood off of your site and plant some fresh content, your project should bloom well into next year.

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