5 Reasons Your Boss Needs to Send You to Fusion

Travel expenses and time out of the office need to be justified, so if you’re going to attend Fusion, there better be a good reason. And it better be good not just for you but also great for your company. To help you convince your boss that it’s in the best interests of your company that you to attend Fusion 2013, April 16-19 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, we’ve put together five handy talking points that are designed to help you make the case in person or over email.

1. “I’ll experience incomparable networking opportunities.”

With more than 2,000 people expected to attend, there is undoubtedly someone who has “been there, done that” when it comes to Concur solutions. Not only will you network with your peers, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with Concur product experts and partners who can add even more value to your Concur solution. You’ll walk away with new contacts who are just as committed to finding and adopting best practices as you are.

2. “I’ll get to see the latest and greatest before the rest of the world does.”

You can expect to hear Concur leaders discuss the Concur vision over the next year and beyond. New features and enhancements are always unveiled at Fusion so you’ll be the first to learn what new reports, solutions, and features to take back to your company – ahead of the curve.

3. “I’ll be able to participate in the ultimate classroom.”

There are 96 breakout sessions – 96, as in almost 100. Add to that all the keynotes and interactive demos every day, and it quickly becomes clear that there is no way to replicate the hands-on learning about Concur solutions that you get by attending Fusion. As an added bonus, attending these sessions gives you the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units that will support your continued professional development. And what company doesn’t want their employees to get smarter?

4. “I’ll discover the latest industry trends and topics."

Hands down, Fusion brings together the greatest minds in the travel and expense industry. That means your company will be on the cutting edge of what’s happening. Rather than reacting to industry trends, you’ll be better prepared and ready to take action.

5. “I’ll maximize the value of our company’s investment.”

Complimentary consulting sessions are a hot commodity at Fusion – you can schedule a meeting time in advance and have all your questions answered in person. Not every company is configured the exact same way so you’ll have a special opportunity to get an expert’s personalized help. Plus, live demo stations on-site give you an opportunity to dive deeper into your current solutions and preview new solutions.

So, mark your calendar for Fusion 2013, the event’s 10th anniversary. Ten years of bringing together Concur clients, partners and staff to connect, collaborate and inspire. Ten years of helping clients like you do their jobs better today, all while preparing them – and you – do even better tomorrow.

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