5 Leadership Traits You Should Steal From the Man of Steel

Let’s face it. A speeding bullet will always be faster than you.

A locomotive would destroy you.

Wearing a cape would only make you run slower. That’s okay. There’s only one Superman and you’re not him. You’re human, just like the rest of us.  Besides, you don’t need superhuman powers to excel at small business management. You just need the right mix of leadership skills, motivation and know-how.Of course having some superhero in you wouldn’t hurt…

Here are five Superman traits you can use to manage your small business better, without ever calling in sick with kryptonitis.

Trait #1:Thick Skin (Like Steel) Superman doesn’t have time to worry about the haters. He’s too busy doing the whole saving lives thing.

You have goals for your small business, and you know what it will take to reach them. A minute spent complaining about the misdeeds of others is a minute wasted. If it’s a constant problem, deal with it. If it’s something you did wrong, apologize for it, learn from it and move on.

There is too little time to worry about trivial matters. Just focus on being your most super self and achieving your business goals will become second nature.

Trait #2:Get Inspired By Your Enemy

Superman had Lex Luthor. You have your competitors. And while your competitors aren’t hatching evil, world domination plans, they are no doubt hatching plans to steal your market share, which may seem evil to you.

Competition, if channeled properly, has the power to bring out the best in us. If you can’t outsmart your competitors, you can outwork them and deliver more to your customers.

Defeat your enemies and make your customers’ world a better place to live.

Trait #3:Live Two Lives to the Fullest I don’t recall Clark Kent winning a Pulitzer for journalism, but he was no slouch either. Clark wasn’t doodling new costume ideas while reporting, and Superman certainly wasn’t thinking about the recent column while saving lives.

You also have two lives, work and home. When you manage a small business, the work life can seem like the only one. But if you are able to separate the two, and give each your full attention, you are free to live each life to the fullest. You decide which life gets the Superman designation.

Trait #4:Bravery — Fortune Favors the Bold

Superman places himself in harm’s way to get the job done. If danger finds you daily, maybe a career change is in order. Sure, small business management can be tricky, but it’s rarely life threatening.

Superman needs to make split-second decisions. You have the luxury of time and consideration.

You can take risks without being reckless.

You can shoot for big outcomes without putting your company on the line.

Things change, and those who fail to adapt get left behind. Be brave. Don’t let change happen to you. Take charge of change and use it to propel your small business to new heights.

Trait #5:Know When to Fly

I imagine the roads and sidewalks would be pretty empty if humans were suddenly granted the power of flight. Why walk anywhere when you can fly? Flying would save time, gas and money — and it’s probably way more fun. Talk about efficiency.

Creating efficiencies also makes small business management much easier and allows you to focus on strategic vision instead of mundane details.

Take expense management software, for example. Why keep paper receipts when you can capture them and store them digitally, then upload them directly to expense reports? Why set up tasks to reimburse expenses and pay corporate card vendors when it can all be done automatically? And when the time comes to trim expenses and negotiate better rates, you won’t need to spend hours collecting information because it’s all right at your fingertips, ready to help you make better, more efficient decisions. It’s like going from walking to flying.

None of us, no matter how hard we try, will ever be Superman. But that doesn’t mean you can’t manage your small business like a superhero.

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