5 Great Apps to Help Build Your Mobile App

Many small business owners lack the funds to pay large sums of money to an app developer. But in an era where a business owner can simply use a Wordpress template to set up a website, there should be a way to build mobile apps on your own.

Every business does not need an app. But for some businesses an app can bring in build more engagement with customers, draw in prospective customers and overall is yet another way to digitally “reach out” and touch your community.

Naturally, where there’s a demand, developers always step in to meet it. There are several apps on the market that can let even business owners with limited technological capabilities create apps—no coding required. Below are a few of the most popular.

  • AppMakr—No coding required. AppMakr allows you to create an app within your browser, even letting you add location-aware services and push notifications to enhance your app. Best of all, the free basic version includes plenty of features, including the ability to charge for downloads in the app store, test apps, icon customization, and much more. The free version will contain ads, though, so if that’s a problem, you might want to consider the premium version for $79 per month.
  • EachScape—With a drag-and-drop interface, EachScape promises to optimize your app for every type of screen. Recognizing that customizability is important, EachScape allows business owners to develop an app that is as unique as their business model, freeing them to express their style and bring new ideas to the market. The enterprise version is a jaw-dropping $2,500 per month, but a lite version is coming soon.
  • BuzzTouch—For those new to the game, BuzzTouch U offers to walk you through the steps of using BuzzTouch to create your app. BuzzTouch lets you use screens to create your app, then download the source code created by those screens to your PC for turning into your app. You’ll have to download Xcode (for iOS) or Eclipse (for Android) to open the project, but both are free. BuzzTouch is also heavy on social networking, with more experienced developers helping newbies.
  • MyAppBuilder—Not much of a do-it-yourselfer? MyAppBuilder will put your app together for you for only $29 per month. Give the builders books, videos, and content and they’ll create your apps and load them into the iTunes store for you. MyAppBuilder has built more than 500 apps and has the ability to create apps from blogs, book, audio books, social media feeds, videos, and more.
  • Tiggzi—You can build your first app with Tiggzi free of charge, which lets you try the platform out to see if it’s the one for you. Tiggzi is another Cloud-based app, letting you build your app within your web browser. One thing Tiggzi offers is variety. Currently, users can build iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and HTML5 apps, helping you reach your customers wherever they are.

Some app builders can be pricey, but when compared to the hourly price commanded by an app developer, it’s quite a deal. Plus, by developing apps on your own, you stay in control of the process, making it the app you want, crafted by your own hands in-house. There’s no substitute for that.

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