5 Digital Workplace Trends on the Rise

We’ve all grown accustomed to the friendly, intuitive experiences our smartphones and tablets deliver, but what about our work lives? So many workplaces processes are little more than online versions of analog predecessors—clunky, manual processes that get in the way of doing business. Oftentimes we use outdated practices not because there aren’t better alternatives out there, but through sheer force of habit. Here are five digital trends that are likely to replace quaint practices very soon:  


  1. Digital contract-signing. Signing a contract can still involve a surprising amount of hassle, with printing, signing, scanning and emailing, and take days to complete.  With e-signature services like Adobe Echosign and Docusign, a contract can be sent, signed and delivered with a few clicks. Research suggests that e-signatures aren’t merely convenient, they can lead to bigger deal size, shorter sales cycles and higher win rates.


  1. Smartphone as your wallet. Imagine being able to walk out the door carrying just your smartphone. Trends suggest wallet-free living is coming soon. With their handy app, Starbucks made sure many of us now reach for our smartphone instead of our wallet when paying for our morning coffee. ApplePay ensures that we’ll see much more innovation in this area very soon. Google, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint are all in various stages of developing mobile banking systems.


  1. Conference calls that work. The hilarious "Conference Call in Real Life" video dramatizes the painful yet ubiquitous process of most conference calls — the confusion over access codes and frustrating parade of people joining and leaving the meeting. Newer solutions like UberConference automatically call you when it’s time for the meeting to start, show you who’s in the meeting and who’ speaking, plus how long they stayed — all without lifting a finger.


  1. Hands-free commuting. Office culture exploded in the post-industrial era, which meant that the morning commute became accepted as a torturous, yet necessary, part of working life. With advances like driverless cars, adaptive traffic signals, and road trains, though, bumper-to-bumper traffic may soon become something of the by-gone era.


  1. Paperless receipts. The promise of paperless offices has long been with us and yet only now with smartphones does this vision seem to be within grasp. Evernote’s ScanSnap is one example of how painless it can now be to capture and organize important documents, like receipts. With a single button, you can ditch paper-bound methods for good. Of course businesses may still be giving you paper receipts, but a demo of the ScanSnap app integration with Concur shows just how easy it can be to scan and expense receipts right from the road.

What about business cards? Yep, now you can scan business cards and submit these to Concur, helping you track business meal expenses, and also your dinner guests.. Learn more about the Evernote and Concur integration here.


Overall, technology doesn’t hold promise of making work less work. It holds the promise of bringing new, intuitive tools into our work lives. Do you have new apps or solutions for today’s employees? We’d like to hear from you.



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